Saturday, August 9, 2014

7 Quick Takes: When July Came to an End...

1. New Routines

As the decision had been made to end attending a preschool and homeschool until we move, we began getting a routine in place for our new journey.

Morning routine: includes morning jobs (make beds, get dressed, a few chores, etc), Bible books/prayers/verses we are currently working on memorizing, and morning pages while I finish cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast and get a load of laundry started.

I had to include this (maybe I already shared it?):

Fun, right? Darn Target though...I searched all over for the store to find this world map and it was like a version of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie..."

If you send a mom into Target to find a world map, she may need a bulletin board so she doesn't mess up the walls.
When she find the bulletin board, she will see that the largest size is not that "decorative" and so she will go to the home decor section.
When she finally gets to the home decor section after looking at all the pretty curtains, she will realize that a chalk board might be nice to have, too.
So she will go back to the office supply section.
When she finds the chalkboard, she sees why she really needed that wall art with the great quote.
When she finds everything she needs, she will head to the register to make her purchases.
As she gets into the line, she will see the lip balm and thinks about if she really needs it or not.
When she smacks her lips and ponders on that, she mentally smacks herself in the head...
When she finds the map, she realizes it is not a perfect fit and stands there for about 5 minutes to decide...
Once she decides that it is time to go...because the store is telling her she has 20 minutes to check out...she makes her purchases and heads home.

That story could go on. I'm sure everyone has their own version of that story. Darn Target...and all of your amazing items!

2. A horse, of course!

What else would you expect to find behind the "old country store" anyway?

3.  Changing Days

With each new school year, things change. So we made a few changes to when we do things outside the house. And, we are still tweaking it as the schools are back in session (the second week of August - insanely early...). Hopefully, the Zoo will not be a madhouse this year. I swear, last year could have be called "The Attack of the Field Trips" as there were many days that traffic was a nightmare and BOOKED field trips were turned away. Unbelievable.

We also are switching around our library days to make the most of our errand running during the week. It's only be cut down to a day or two (depending on what's going on).

For a moment, I couldn't find them... Then our favorite librarian told me where to look. SO CUTE.
4. Master Builder

5. Bluum Box

I have been a big fan of the Bluum box since joining last summer. I got all kinds of great goodies that were building up to me having another baby. July's Bluum Box was a big hit for Baby Austin this time!
He got a nifty "iPhone" teether and this super cute handmade "Daddy Doll" - so cute!! He LOVES this little "Daddy" almost as much as his Baby Fox.

6. Sweet Brothers

During one of mornings while I was finishing up in the kitchen, I heard the sweetest things. Alex was "reading" to Austin one of the Bible books. Adorable. I think is one of the board books for everyday thanks.

7. Dusty Crophopper and Martin Kratt

Austin is becoming more and more independent these days...

 But, back to Dusty... Hmm, and that probably has two meanings now that I'm looking at this picture!

Those two made this huge sand mountain. They came running to me asking to take a picture of their "Mount Him-Lays" and I said, "Whhhaaaa???"

The Himalayas?? Very cool! Where did they hear about that?? We haven't started school or anything formal just yet... So I asked.

Alex said, "Dusty! Dusty told us!"
And Andrew added, "Yeah, Dusty Crophopper, mama. Remember he had to fly over the biggest and tallest ever in the world Mount Him-Lays. Himalayas. It's the biggest mountain, you know. But, he went through the train tunnel. That was so cool."

Awesome. Score one for Dusty. Time for Mama to make a few points. So, we kept the conversation going and they learned that Mount Everest is the highest point and that the Himalayas are a bunch of mountains. So, they went on to make a few mini mountains afterwards. Go them! And, Mama scored two points. Ha!

 But while they were finishing up their mountain range, they got a visit by a blue dragonfly. And the dragonfly was not just a dragonfly... Oh, no. It was Martin Kratt, of course. And he was CLEARLY using his Dragonfly Power. Love their imaginations! And, we love that show!


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