Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Through Andrew's Eyes {and Alex's!}

A few months back, just before our road trip, we purchased Andrew the Leapfrog Explorer GS. And, at the time, I wasn't entirely sure if I was going to have the camera option or not. But, now that I have emptied his folder and updated his system, I'm glad I did go with the camera! The pictures are so funny. They are in no order and they may not make much sense. But, I just had to save them and share since it is so cool to see what he sees! Enjoy!

 First selfie
(by the way...I really can't stand that word...)

 Figuring out the camera functions

Say, "Cheese!"

 Gave Alex a go

 Alex like to show off his cool socks LOL

 How we pack for grandparents' houses - they thought it was cool to document that, I guess. :)

 Found out how to do a screen shot!

 At the doctor's office
(They are only allowed to have these games in the car for trips OR at places I need them to be occupied, such as the doc)

 A picture of the sunrise on our way to Minnesota - He must have had Alex take it since the sun rose on that side of the car. The file date is from our trip, too. I love that they wanted to take a picture of that!

 Alex staring off...must be getting tired

 Another screenshot

 Getting silly!

 At the doctor's office. This is so funny, too. Because it was not Alex's appointment. We took Austin to the doc just before leaving for our trip. I guess Alex was worried about just being there. 

 We took out the middle seat for our road trip and they thought it was awesome!

 Denise and Grandma laughing and wondering if the picture was taken or it was still a video LOL!!

 Train station at Grandma's house

 Alex fast asleep with all his stuff

The view from Andrew's window

A video was taken, too! So funny...that is SO Alex... That was taken at the end of May - we were headed to Christopher's graduation then. 

I loves these pictures he took! Can't wait to see more the next time I empty the folder!

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