Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Homeschool - Week 3

Week 3: The Clown of God / Letter C

Well, this week was interesting. And rainbows mean a lot more than they used to to all of us here at the House. 

Let me start from the beginning... (spoiler alert if you haven read it)

We read this book for our Letter C week (c is for clown...) and we all loved it. It is about a little orphan boy who grows up to be a clown and brings joy to those around. He grows old and leaves the clown life behind. He finds himself in a monastery where it is Christmas night. When he sees the statue of Mary and Child, the Child looks so serious. He remembers that the Brothers from the monastery told him that when you make those around happy, you make God happy. So, he juggles for the Child...as he finished his last act and a miracle happens. As the Brothers come and see what is going on, they find the juggler has passed away but the Child is smiling and holding the Golden Ball from the act.

Working on our daily notebooks - learning the day of the week, date, weather, etc
Art - Rainbow Caterpillars in size order from biggest to smallest
Completed caterpillars - so cute!
Math: Rainbow Math - They had math problems to solve. The answers were on the different colors of the rainbow. Andrew's were a little harder (1-10) and Alex had some that were just a bit easier (1-5). They used cheerios to help them add up the numbers when needed.

Such an great book with some really fun activities.

And this book meant more to us as the week went on...a lot more.

On Thursday night, just before heading to bed, we went to bring Max inside... Max hadn't barked for us to let him in - he's been doing that lately as he can no longer see or hear. He barks, and we help him find his way. Well, I turn the back porch light on and he was lying on the patio as if he were asleep. Only I knew he wasn't asleep. I yelled for Jason and, as anyone would do, we tried to wake him. We said our goodbyes after a while and Jason took him on one last car ride to the 24-hour vet.

I miss that little furball.

We adopted him from Schnauzer Love Rescue in January of 2008. You never know what you will get with foster pets, or rally any pet for that matter, but we were truly blessed with him. Such a wonderful, sweet little dog. He was everything we wanted. We hope that he is much happier now and young and playing around once again.

Now, of course, Friday morning came around and we had to tell the boys...

Thankfully, a wonderful friend sent me this:

I was so thankful for this. After I read it with tears down my face, I ran to the boys, "I know where Max is!!" They were so excited to hear about this Rainbow Bridge. They had all kinds of questions, of course. But, now they have an answer for now that they are satisfied with. Yes, we did tell them in the beginning that Jesus is taking care of Max - watching over him, and Tango, too. But now we have have PLACE. It's not a place we can go to at the moment, but maybe we can catch a glimpse of it the next time a springtime storm comes around.

Max holding onto a baby blanket

Our sweet Max 
Adopted January 18, 2009 was with us, his forever family, until this past Thursday, August 21, 2014
We love and miss you, Max!

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