Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Currently. {Vol. 1}

Hopefully, I will get back to the regular posting soon. We've been running off of our Labor Day weekend high

Starting the boys off early with a Catan lesson

We still have been going at it with the homeschooling. Though, we have had to change it up a bit. I'll tell you about soon. Week 4 before the trip (letter D / make Way for Ducklings FIAR) and Week 5 after trip (Letter E / Babar: To Duet or Not To Duet).

This guy wants to walk SO bad... And, I'm ok with him crawling just a tad bit longer.

He turned 10 months old on the 6th!!
I got Jason to search the attic and grab my boxes of Fall/Halloween items. Don't worry. Halloween won't go up until October 1st. But, all the Fall stuff is out!

We are working on a reward system... And, I'm not sure how it's going just yet. But, so far, the fact that Lightning McQueen and Mater are on these charts seems to make a small difference.

The Homily from the past Sunday's Mass really hit me hard... My brother, Brendan, signed the papers... He will be serving in the United States Army after graduation. And, while I am supportive of whatever any of my brothers do, this is just hard. I question his decision all time - at least I have since I found out 2 weeks ago... And, I question what is wrong with our world... And why it seems like God is doing nothing...

But, back to the Homily... Father Muller told us a story (pictured below) and I realized what it is that we need to do when we know nothing else that we can do: PRAY. Just pray... And, while yes, that doesn't seem like much to those that don't "get it" or are losing faith in all of this, we are reminded that when we are gathered in prayer God is there....

Love that kid. He is going to be an amazing soldier.

"For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." ~ Matthew 18:20 (outdoor Catholic Mass, Vietnam circa 1966) source

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