Friday, December 19, 2014

How Having Kids Changes Your Christmas Stockings

I'm sure you have seen that bit about how Christmas tree decoration evolve over time with a child (or more...ahem...)


Well, how about the stockings?

Oh, the stockings take a hit for sure...

Yes, I still have the dream that one day our stockings will the these beautifully coordinated Pottery Barn Kid or Land of Nod pretty things. But, this is what I'm working with for now:

You can totally see it... It goes right on down the line from left to right.

2007: Jason (green) and I (gold) have these beautiful velvet swirly stockings from our first Christmas in our house.

2009: Andrew gets his stocking put up as this is his first Christmas. And, it MUST be a for real Green Bay Packers stocking purchased from the Packer Pro Shop. No joke.

2011: Alex's first Christmas... There is a lot going on and I ALMOST forget his. So, he get the last fuzzy green one I found at Target which may or may not have cost less than $4 because it may or may not have been found at the dollar spot. I was in a pinch... St. Nicholas Day was the next day!

2013: Ok, Austin's first stocking is no longer up there because it was from a friend and it says, "Baby's First Christmas." BUT!! I have it still and it is nicely packed in the baby box.

2014: Austin's for real stocking joins the mantle... And, it was also found at Target... in Alabama. Which is either red or orange, depending on if you care. So, um, how I got a GREEN FOOTBALL stocking is beyond me. But, hey! It's green. And, has a football. And, it was $3.25 due to some coupon or something I had.

There you have it. The evolution of stockings.


It is never what you expected, but it is everything you didn't know you wanted and are blessed to be a part of.

Merry Christmas!

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