Monday, December 22, 2014

Santa Hunting {Or...Visiting Santa at Bass Pro Shop}

So ready to go see Santa!
Super excited and giggled the whole time!!

Excited and asked quite loudly for a Batman Robot

Not a fan, but tried to be brave because his brothers did it.

After seeing Santa, the boys had to try out the different things you do in a Southern Winter Wonderland -, bow hunting? Shooting rifles. And, riding bears. No? You should try it sometime. 


Apparently, Alex is in need of a bow? Um, no.
See? Super fun!
Always stop to catch a train!

 Tracing his letter to Santa...yes, he is asking for a Battle Plan. Haha! Best Christmas letter so far. No worries. Santa knows what he is talking about.

Tracing his letter to Santa. If you don't already know...Alex is quite the Batman fan. I'll share a story of their playing soon. Super funny!

"Hmm...what should I ask that red suit guy that has the fuzzy face to bring me...? Maybe more Cheerios. I'm running low here, Mama."

Good times at Bass Pro Shop means saying goodbye to the fish.

 Merry Christmas!!

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