Friday, December 19, 2014

7 Quick Takes

1.  "I'm not doing anything..."

Someone LOVES the Christmas balls.

I have since redecorated my tree...

2. Since we are keeping it real...

My backyard looks like a tornado went through it - which could happen... But it was just these 2 that did it. 

3. Where's that other one of mine??

Trying to find his way to Narnia, I suppose.

4. We made time to put together a hot chocolate and cookies playdate. 

See? I am somewhat organized still. The holidays really wear me out!

5. One of my Christmas presents to me came early! 

Of course, I opened it. I've gotta get our Feast! on, hello!

6. If you are wondering what we really are up to these days...

We have taken a break from "school" this month to just be. We have enjoyed playing Legos together, reading a ton of books, and watching a bunch of old Christmas cartoons.

While I was making dinner, I realized that the house was a tad too quiet... You know, the sound that either death or destruction? Ok, maybe that is exaggerating... But, thankfully, I found the bigger 2 snuggled together watching Polar Express for the 8 millionth time.

7. How to restore that Mama Spirit

Thankfully, I have a amazing husband that knows when I need to find that peace again and let's me go do just that. I had lunch with a great friend last weekend. Just us girls. No kids. No time that we needed to be back home. And, a restaurant that didn't have to have a kid's menu. Score. It was so nice to just talk and be out and not have to do anything.

Afterwards, I got some errands done and headed to my final stop.

Tis the season for quiet reflection. And, if you're Catholic...confession. And, as I've said before. It's like free therapy. I got to the Church early enough that I actually sat in the super quiet that is the sanctuary and just be still. I've never actually admired all the bits and pieces of stained glass until this afternoon (and, we have been members there since...maybe 4.5 years..?). It really is quite beautiful. And, FINALLY, after all these years, I got a picture of our parish's Nativity. Love it!

BONUS: Gotta love Gandalf! (turn your volume up. Sir Ian is soft-spoken when he isn't a wizard)



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