Friday, December 5, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Thanskgiving Rewind, Quote of the Weeks, & Space!


We headed down to my parents' house for a couple of days for celebrate "Merry Thanksmas" - a mix of Thanksgiving yummies with a ton of Christmas cheer! We play LOTS of games - Catan, Catan Junior, Poker... And, 2 little boys got my dad (who says he is not a big fan of games, but really is...) to play Sorry with them!! I love it!! Us bigger kids got my mom to join us in a round of Cranium (she loved it!)...TOASTER! Good times.

Unfortunately, we had to cut our fun short, as 2 out of 3 of my littles were not doing so well. Austin started a fever about 2 hours into our drive to Pensacola. We stopped for dinner, grabbed some more meds, and kept on going. The next 2 days, he was better. Still a fever, but was a pretty happy guy. We've run into this kind of thing before, so we thought we were ok. Then Andrew got a fever Friday at some point... And come one slept well that night. So we made the decision to end out festivities and head home Saturday after lunch.


My poor little guys... Andrew and Alex have sinus infections. Austin has a mild ear infection (but on the bright side - we are past the point of ever needing tubes and he is doing just fine!! Best decision we made with our doctor. Love him!)


Happy Advent!!


Quote of the Week:

While reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas to the boys, we got to the part about the Grinch's heart and how Christmas is more than packages and things.

Me: Isn't that wonderful, guys? Christmas is SO much more than presents and packages. As long as we have each other, we can have a great time, right?

Alex: Yeah, or we can do what that guy did and just take it all.

Proud mama moment...

Um, no, dear. That is the point. Stealing isn't nice. And we don't need stuff to have Christmas. Ugh.


Feeling better is always awesome! Especially when it is warm outside and you have secrets to share.



Gotta love a good rainbow in the early morning!!


Oh, ready for a nerd moment? I love space. Maybe you have caught onto that with all my going ons about the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville. I love that place! Anyway, December 4th, Orion was supposed to take off. Yes, I got the boys out of bed for this. And, no. It got scrubbed for the day due to winds and some valve issues. Well, today it went up. That Delta rocket took off at 7:05 eastern. I had it pulled up on the ipad for the boys to watch after breakfast. They loved it! Even Austin!

Then, around 10:15, I got the boys in the living room and turned on the NASA channel to watch history. Yes, if this unmanned rocket makes it back in one piece, successfully, no issues, etc... The next time it may be manned. And, shortly, we can get to Mars (or back to the Moon!! I'll go!). So, we watched as the module made its way back home. The boys got to see some cool things, too!

I know... But, it is awesome! Because in just moments, we saw this:

 And then, the guy at Mission Control in Houston said, "And, there's your new spacecraft, America!"

It. Was. Awesome.

Best thing since watching the very last shuttle launch with Andrew.

Woot! Go USA!!


This 7 Quick Takes is brought to you by: This Ain't the Lyceum :) 

Happy Friday everyone!

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