Monday, August 20, 2012

End of the Summer Playground Extravaganza

A lot of fun at the park last week and weekend!! Here are the pics from all the running around! :)

Andrew and the Super Bass! ( HA!) 

Andrew LOVES climbing all over and around these rocks. Don't worry, grandparents - there's barely any water where he is standing. We have not gotten enough rain...

Looking for fish and figuring out what sinks/floats :)

Gotta love muddy puddles!

Mommy and Alex (who would rather have my phone than smile LOL)

Loved the splash that the rock made!

Such big boys

They love the park "animals" 

"I got a new way to slide" (sing it to the "new way to walk" song from Sesame Street!)

Checking everything out from the top 

Ok, those pictures were all from earlier last week. We went back with Daddy last weekend :)

 Walking down to the bridge

 I love little creeks like this 

 I'll call this a win- I got both to sit on the rock together. They each have a rock in their hand and couldn't wait to throw it into the water. 

 On a mission 

 Peeking at me 

 Sliding together - this is their new thing. Andrew waits on one side while calling for Alex. Love the face I got from Alex - he is saying "GO!"

 And they are off!

A tribute to the Olympics! Andrew was pretty excited about getting on those bars :)

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