Sunday, May 31, 2015

Practicing Gratitude When Stressed to the Max

Those who know me know that I'm good at doing the organizational things and the planning things. And those who know me know to watch out when the organizing and the planning are so not going the way that was, well, planned...

Lately, nothing is going quite the way we planned. But, my awesome husband does try to keep it in perspective letting me know that everything will work out the way it is supposed to and that it is all going to be fine. And, drives me crazy. But, I know he is right.

I mean, really, though. We were (in my mind) supposed to be in our new home by now. I could be getting the nursery together for Aria...instead of shoving the Land of Nod and Pottery Barn Kids boxes from my favorite brown truck into Austin's closet... I could be working on the cooking and new routines and the things I need to be doing with our new home... But, no. We are still here. I am 1.5 weeks from being in the 3rd trimester and we mamas ALL know what that means.... the movement will become highly limited ( if it hasn't already....) and the complaining will become more and more. It's true... You know it.

Which is why reading this post and this book helped me a tad. Yes, just a tad. So? It's a start. But that's what I need at the moment, I guess. A start to something. I mean with all of the massive life changes that are going to start at some point (moving, rising kindergartner, and 4th baby), having something to start works for me.

So here we go. The idea is to just write down three things you are grateful for each day this week. Ready?


The current bunch of Pace High School Graduates! Christopher (2014), James (2007), Brendan (2015), me (2003), and Jason (2003)
1. Hanging out with my brothers this weekend was super fun! I heard way too many verses of that obnoxious Frozen song "Let it go" which was quite ironic since I need to do that (and yes...all brothers...most graduated from high school, in high school, or headed to high school) (and Jason was also all about getting in on the Frozen madness).

2. My mom and dad! They are pretty cool, you know.

3. My parent's pool. It was hot. I was hot. 'Nuff said.


1. Volume-limiting headphones for kids. Thank you. (we have this kind - no matter how loud they turn it up, they wont actually make it any louder).

2. Sorta Awesome Podcast. Traffic was terrible and it was raining. Listening to Meghan and her guests during my turn to drive made it so much better.

3. My cocoon. Allow me to explain a bit. So, our bed... Jason hates it. I love it. I love it so much that there is a major dip in the bed where I apparently curl up in a ball while I sleep. I call it my cocoon and it makes me happy. I slept all night...minus the 2nd trimester middle of the night for no reason at all bathroom breaks... (I force myself to stop drinking anything after a certain what the heck, man?!)


1. My awesome husband.... We had a bit of an issue in the Costco parking lot with a certain boy of mine who claimed he went to the bathroom before leaving the house... I haven't decided if that is really all that true. However, I'm not going into details... All I will say is that this involves a missed cup. Boy Child said RIGHT NOW so fine! But, OH. For crying out freaking loud... REALLY?! There are just no words. Anyway, Jason is amazing and knows exactly when I need him. He came home just as we got the groceries in the house and things were calm once more. Do you know what he did? He basically detailed my van. He scrubbed, vacuumed, wiped down, etc my van. I love him.

2. Mom's night out!!! Tonight!!! I  love my friends.

3. Coming home to a quiet house because all are asleep.


1. This post for our current stage of life is helping a lot. I love lists and marking things off of lists. It's so bad that I will write stuff down I already did just so I have the joy of crossing it off. I know...

2. My boys laughter. It's a great sound.

3. Running a tight ship around here... Really. We got a call (with apology added) to show the house in 30 minutes. Done. Maybe they will buy it. I have not said no to anyone thus far... Anyway, TV went off and it was full-scale clean-up extravaganza. I have never seen the boys clean up so fast (and darn near perfect). It was amazing! Go them!


1. Having a clean house in the morning for a showing in the evening is a wonderful thing. All I had to do was tidy bathrooms, swiffer, and vacuum. Score.

2. Happy children. All day. It was glorious.

3. We went to a super fun event at one of our libraries we love while a showing was taking place. This was the Summer Reading Kick-Off Event. It was great!! The boys LOVED that they got to test their super hero super powers and be rewarded with a sup sidekick in the end. It was great! So glad we went! (Bonus: It was free!!)

Getting their Super Hero masks decorated before the training starts


1. Coloring books and stickers. For real. I love that they love this stuff. It really comes in handy for the nights that sleep just isn't in the cards for me.

2. Awesome books from the library are always a win-win.

3. Awesome friends that totally understand the madness that is going on! You know who you are - thanks!!


1. Habits. Yep, I'm thankful for habits. Good ones, anyway. We had another showing and everyone worked together and happily getting stuff taken care of around the house.

2. My big boys who understand that their mama is a few marbles short these days. We headed out due to said showing on our way to the McWane Center.... Only... We couldn't go because I left my pass and license at the house. Oops. After about 20 different ways to say "I'm sorry" and a promise to go on Sunday (since we have an Open House tomorrow), they were fine and said it was ok. Oh, and they would like to have lunch at Moe's.

3. This challenge. I think doing this challenge opened my eyes a bit more and made me see the things that matter, the things I can't do a thing about, and things that I can change.I might keep up with this little challenge. Maybe not every day, but maybe I will share the top things I'm thankful for each week.

So, what are y'all thankful for this week? 

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