Sunday, October 28, 2012

Who Am I?

Last Wednesday was a day full of costumes. Actually, these guys play "dress up" a lot. But, I think because we were headed to a Halloween party where they were going to try out their costumes that I made. Here are some pictures of the fun leading up to the party:
Alex and Andrew dressed as firemen. It cracks me up that Andrew refuses to wear the yellow fire hat. He says they wear red ones. Yet, we got black ones from the fire station when we visited. So, I don't know. Isn't that funny? 

Now here (from the top left, going clockwise), Andrew is a construction worker. Alex is a police man - complete with his sheriff's star. Then, Andrew decides to go exploring. While exploring, he found his engineer hat (thanks Grandpa Dave!) and start diving his train. Alex takes a peek through the binoculars, but find nothing interesting so hands them back to Andrew -- who found the triangle! "DINNER!!!!!!!"

Now who is ready to see the 2 most adorable --- er, spooky ghosts EVER?! 

 AHHHH!!!! Are they not the cutest?! Sorry, but they SO are!


And! HA! No one confused them for angels... We were going to the Church for the potluck, so ya know. But, we saw Father W pop in for a bit to say hi and he even said "spooky ghosts!" 

Andrew kept his on the whole time. Alex was over it after I took pictures. I have to altar his a bit, as you can see from the picture. It was tricky to figure out the ghost costumes without having stuff over their heads - too dangerous for toddlers in my opinion. But, I saw this tutorial and made it my own. It's a no-sew pattern, but with as much as they are going to wear them I chose to sew it for extra toddler-strength. 

So, what are you kids going to be for Halloween??

Want to know how we stock our dress up box? Wait a few days after Halloween and get those cheap-o costumes on clearance!! That fireman jacket (came with the yellow fire hat) was $3 when I got it last year - 70% off!! That was day 3 after Halloween. And it is a NICE hat - hard, hard plastic. We also find stuff in the dollar spot (the red fire hat, police hat, and construction hat - all $1) and in the party favor section (pirate eye patches, sunglasses, etc - packs of #s for $2 or so). I also try to get random fun items at consignment sales. Like the vest for $2 (from Andrew's costume last year - he was Dino Dan) Cheap fun!

Any secrets to stocking your dress up clothes?


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    1. Hey Tanya! I used this tutorial and changed it up a bit. It was easy to make! :)


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