Monday, November 7, 2011

10 Goals

Time for another week of goals :) Let's see how last week worked out:

Last Week:
1. Bedtime story
2. Bedtime prayers
3. Continue working on ABC/123s
1. Finish The Reapers are the Angels. Start Between Heaven and Mirth  Reapers was such a good book!!
2. Eucharistic Ministry
3. Keep up the work out!!
4. Keep getting to bed by 11 - I've been good at this so far.  

1. Fix Andrew's window - Kind of. Jason called around for pricing, I think.
2. Pantry light repair - I'm thinking I may have to just call someone else to fix this LOL.
3. Yard 

This Week:
1. Get an Advent Wreath - Advent starts November 27th
2. Bedtime story from "Stories for Boys" 
3. Bedtime prayers.
4. Alphabet and numbers.
5. Christmas gift for the remainder of the list. Just the men. It is so much easier to shop for the women of the family.  
6. Playdate
7. Write to the girls we sponsor.
1. Finish reading Between Heaven and Mirth. Start listening to The Best of Me (yay! excited I finally got my hands on this!)
2. Eucharistic Ministry - I am calling as soon as I hit the publish button! I had to find the contact information. Ok fine...I was being a procrastinator!
3. Work out
4. Rosary once a week.
1. Fence pricing (Woot! Going to finally get away from a nasty view. I will share later. Maybe...)
2. Pantry light
3. Andrew's window - hopefully this will get fixed this week. 
4. Thanksgiving decorations 
I feel like there is a LOT more to get done this week. But, I think with the holidays coming up it will only get longer. Who is ready for the holiday season? YAY! 

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