Monday, November 28, 2011

DAY 1 & 2 Complete!

I cannot believe how behind I am on the posts. I guess that is what the holidays and traveling will do to you! Oh, and nightmare traffic. It is supposed to take us 4 hours to get home...not 7... Yeah. Oh, and it is supposed to snow tonight, too. :) Crazy world here in the South!

Anyway! I hope you are joining us in our Advent Celebration. Day 1 carried the theme of angels. We chose to start off easy - LOL I forgot I had a 7 month old. Alex was NOT fond of me putting paint on his hands. Well, I take that back. He HATED it at first. Then he saw Andrew doing it and thought it was ok after all. Boys. Too funny! Here are the boys' angels :) Aren't they cute!?
 Andrew was pretty excited about making his angel. can see which hand he was not excited about LOL and then the change of heart with the other hand. Don't' you love Mommy's mad art skillzzz?! I had no idea I could draw an angel. :)

Now since we got home late last night, we did Day 1 AND Day 2 today. So Day 1 was done after nap time. Day 2's theme of sheep was done after dinner with the help of Jason. You are probably looking at the sheep wondering how a toddler and a baby could draw and glue so well, right? I have little geniuses - what can I say? Well, my little crafty boys were happy to hear the story and "say" the prayer with Mommy and Daddy, but Mr. Andrew - who uses glue at school without fuss - was SO NOT going to make a sheep. So, I asked if I could draw his hand...I drew mine first and then he said OK. Oh, the "fleece" was done by Daddy. GO TEAMWORK! :)

After Andrew saw what his hand had made, he said, "AMEN!" and left the kitchen table! HA! Love it! 

Get ready for tomorrow's theme - NIGHT SKY!


  1. Ahhhh, these are so cute. Love the angel hands!

  2. Thanks! It was a lot of fun even though it took a lot of work to get cooperation LOL Boys...


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