Friday, November 18, 2011

Football Day at Preschool

I totally forgot to check the calendar to see what "thing" will be going on at Andrew's school. I love that the teacher's send a calendar home with the project of the day. It makes asking him about his day a lot easier!

Anyway, Thursday was Football Day. And, if you live in Alabama, then you either choose Alabama or Auburn. Personally, I don't care too much about college football and I'm not that big into the NFL either. But, I'm told by random people I cross paths with that I have to choose a team. My choice is Auburn. Jason has chosen Alabama. But, again, since we don't really "do" college football, we haven't really said much to Andrew on the topic.

But can't I just tell you how excited I picked up my child from school and he had chosen a team!!! And, guess what he chose:


WOOT! Thank you, dear, for choosing well!

Disclaimer: I am not against Alabama. Just their fans. Ok, fans of any sport in general are obnoxious. However, we have decided that (down the road, obviously) whichever school - it could even be Florida cough hint cough - gives him more money in scholarships is the school we will become root for.

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