Monday, November 28, 2011

Merry Thanksmas!

Ok, just a note about that greeting: Jason and I switch the holidays off with my family and his. It makes life easier since neither side live in the same state anymore. So, when we go to my family's home for Thanksgiving, we also celebrate Christmas (since we will be with Jason's family for Christmas). My mom started saying "Merry Thanksmas" as a joke a few years ago and it just kinda stuck. It is just too funny to not let go of that one! 

I hope you have your glass of sweet tea handy - you will be here for a bit. Enjoy the pictures!

 On the road to Florida! 

 Thanksgiving morning - All the decorations for Thanksgiving AND Christmas are up and gorgeous! I love my parents house during the holidays! :)


  1. Not only do we agree it was the Best Thanksmas Ever (sounds like a Hallmark film... lol!... You have the pictures to document it!!! I need to burn a disk of the slide show!!!! Love it!! (love you, your hubby, the boys and Max, too!)

  2. Yes! I will get a disc of this to you :) It was a lot of fun! Miss you all!


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