Friday, July 6, 2012

Fantastic Fourth Fun {con't}

If you missed the first 1/2 of the day, click here!

Let's continue taking a look back at the fun we had on the 4th of July!

After nap time, it was time to get our cook out on complete with hot dogs and beans. And, of course, a festive dessert.

Afterwards, we just let them run around and play until it was time to go. They decided they wanted to play a game...on the Wii. What?!

 Andrew has a REAL Wii remote this time. He still doesn't know how to do it exactly (which is fine with me), but he had fun. Alex now has the pretend Wii. I can't find the post about it, but my friend, Rachel, found it while we were out shopping one day at Toys R Us. It is supposed to hold candy. I saw them today while getting diapers there. They only had pink... But they were about $4. 

While they were playing, I got our goodies together for watching the fireworks. I saw this idea on a blog that I read, Just a Girl, and LOVED it! In my goody basket we have, 2 rocket glow sticks ($1 bins at Target - got em 1/2 off), 2 fireworks buckets for treats ($1 bins at Target), pretzels, a thing of mixed nuts, wet ones (always a necessity), and a cooler of ice cold water. We got the guys ready for bed ahead of time so we didn't have to mess with it once we were back home.

 On the way to the Vulcan!

 Enjoying snacks and watching the fireworks!


 We hope y'all had a great holiday!!


  1. Awww, I remember buying that remote!!! Missed you all on the 4th! I was looking at pics from last year and we were munching down on your "mini burgers"...remember?!! ;)

  2. So fun! and love the fireworks basket idea!! (and those ice cream sandwiches look delicious!)


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