Friday, July 6, 2012

Fantastic Fourth Fun

We had a TON of fun for the 4th of July - and, we hope y'all did, too! We started a day early with some Star-Spangled Ice Cream Sandwiches! All I did was grab some Fat Boy Mini Jr's and some festive sprinkles! And, voile! Party time! :)

Earlier, we headed to Sonic for lunch and got a fun summertime spinning top. Perfectly decorated in red, white, and blue.

The boys loved the treats, though Andrew was more in to it than Alex. That little guy will eat anything, but hand him ice cream and he could care less. It must be too cold, we guess.

After dinner, we watched Space Dogs. It such a cute movie. It was the story of the first 2 dogs in space, sent up by then-USSR. I thought it was appropriate for this month. Yes, it might have been about the Russian spaces program, but July 20th is the anniversary the first man on the moon sent up by our program - which, sadly, has slowly disappeared... One day we will go back. I really do believe that.

Anyway, the morning of the 4th, we had some blueberry breakfast cake to start the celebration! And, I ran around the kitchen and Target to finish the cakes I baked for our Church's Fourth of July Festival. Last year, I baked just one since Alex was younger and Andrew was "becoming a 2 year old" LOL. this year I got ambitious, then forgot about the 2nd one... But it is all good. Fun things happen at the last minute. Every year, just before the festival, the Church is asked to help out by baking cakes for the cake walk or volunteering in one of the booths. They provided boxed cake mixes and we do the rest. Like I said, I just did the one last year and just did the box mix and canned frosting. But this year, I got, again, ambitious... I didn't take a picture of the first one, but it was a snickerdoodle cake. YUM! The second one was my favorite - my Patriot Cake! Red, white, and blue marble cake with my last-minute-icing-and-decorations-because-I'm-insane-and-forgot-extravaganza. LOL, but for realzzz.

 Isn't is pretty?!

 OMG star-spangled awesomeness!

Time for the festival!
Remember, if you would like to see these pictures a little bit better, just click on them. A new window will appear with a bigger picture :)

 How cute are these guys? 
Collage on the left (starting at top left): Alex chilling; Andrew and Daddy; Andrew walking along the wall waiting for the fun to begin; Andrew says, "Time go!" as soon as he see the bouncy house moving LOL
Collage on the right (starting at top left): Getting a feel for the bouncy house; He got the hang of it!; Andrew and Alex rolling around, Alex the littlest monkey :)

 The really enjoyed this thing! It was great, too, since it was in the shade. Plus, they were the only ones in there for a while.

Once they did decide to come out, we headed over to the games. 

It was getting hotter and we were all getting hungry so instead of staying out in the heat, we decided to grab some lunch somewhere else.
Time to head home for naps and get ready for the rest of the day's festivities!

Click here to see the rest of the day!

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