Friday, July 27, 2012

Andy and the Dragonfly

A few days ago, the weather decided to give us a break one evening. Not much of a break, but good enough. We headed to the backyard after our after-dinner walk. I saw a few clouds that looked like thunderheads and said that it was going to rain (only that didn't happened until today...grrr). Then, this random dragonfly shows up. I remember mom telling me when I was little that when dragonflies start hanging out rather close it was going to rain. Anyway, still...not a drop.

Well, this dragonfly shows up and lands on one of our chairs. Jason and I show Andrew and he, of course, starts to shoo it away. We told him that dragonflies are nice and kinda cool. The dragonfly decides to land on Andrew's car and, well, he didn't like that so much... He starts shooing the thing again and we said, "Andrew, he doesn't like that. Be nice." The dragonfly gets all up in Andrew's face now and lands on his hand!

It was so cute! Andrew was all excited about the dragonfly and just love it! I was so glad I had my phone with me. Sometimes I leave it in the house, but yay! We just couldn't believe Andrew had a dragonfly land on him! That's never happened to either of us (that we can remember anyway!). Very cool!


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  1. He is so cute Heather! Love his thrilled response to the dragonfly coming to rest on him!!

    I did get the book, Don't Sweat the Small Stuff and I blogged about it today and linked back to you. Thank you again!


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