Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekend Visit to Augusta

Two weekends ago, we made a quick visit to Augusta to see Jason's family. Here are some pictures from our time there :)

 Andy and Alex playing in Nana & Papa's new backyard. They loved how they could look down onto the golf course and cheer on the golfers playing. Though, I don't know how much the players enjoyed that LOL 

 Heading into downtown Augusta to the Riverwalk

 Taking in the beauty of the Savannah River :) 

 This was Andrew's highlight of the Riverwalk! He was so excited about the train bridge, then even more excited when he got to see a train go over it! He pointed out which ones were the freight cars and the tanker cars. Such a smart little guy!

 Pictures of "Augusta's Last Stern Wheeler"

 There was a great little playground overlooking the river. 

 Alex and I walked up a bit further after he got tired. He was excited to see the train bridge so close up. I was hoping for another train, but no luck. It probably would have been pretty loud.

 Enjoying a drink by the river :)

 I got some of the BEST fried green tomatoes EVER! These two ladies had their booth set up with their own recipe that had a bit of kick to it. It was so good! And that lemonade? Whenever I am at one of these farmers markets, I always get a lemonade to find out which one might be the best. And this guy has to win. Fresh squeezed right in front of you AND he had a story to tell about it, too. How the recipe had been in his family for years and all. It was great :)

 Relaxing with Papa

 Playing cars

Looking for birds, watching joggers, etc. It was such a sweet little moment that I was able to capture.

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