Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summertime Fun! {Brendan}

Last week, my brother, Brendan, came for a visit. He's one of my 5 brothers. We kind of started this tradition 2 summers ago where any brother going into high school and up could come up for a visit. The first summer we did this, it was Christopher's turn. Last summer got a little crazy...it was supposed to be Brendan's turn, but I just had Alex back in April. Anyway, I was so excited to have Brendan come stay with us for a week. We had a lot of fun!

A walk after dinner :) Andrew is learning how to keep hold of Max on our walks. 

 A game of Catan :) Brendan whooped us the first game. Another night, Jason took over the winnings. If you haven't played this game yet, you should definitely try it.

Fun board, right?

We had a day at the Zoo where this guy finally decided to make an appearance. Every time we go this one is always sleeping in a ball somewhere way up high. Brendan said he brings out the wilderness. LOL

Watching the wild dogs watching the little humans HA!

Drummin' time

Playing in the termite mound

Waiting to feed the giraffes!

Willow (I think, anyway. This one was the shortest) waiting patiently. 

Such a big boy!

Had some help from his Uncle Brendan :)

Playing dress up one night before bed

My assistant chef :D
Cutting up the potatoes into wedges for dinner.
 There was a lot of playing going on, too! 

 And afternoon story times...

 And a lot more playing. 

It was a great week! I miss him a bunch. We got to catch up on all sorts of stuff. I got to play big sister again (when you don't live at home it is kinda hard to do) and give some words of wisdom (lol) and a lot of teasing! I know the little guys miss Brendan, too. But!! Christopher is coming next week for a visit. So, yay! 

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  1. How fun Heather that you make this family tradition for your younger siblings! It must be a thrill for them and for your children. Love the pictures with the giraffe!


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