Saturday, September 8, 2012

5 Things I Hope to Get To...Now that preschool has started

1. My 1/2 hour of reading in the car! I'm currently reading The Chaperone on my Kindle (and I'm halfway through it thanks to these moments!). While I LOVE being the first or so person in line for my little man, I also love this time in the car. And, yes, Alex is in the car, too. But he is either "reading" a book of his, having a quick snack, or taking a catnap. So it still works out pretty well. 

2. Ugh, not that I want to... But I have GOT to organize the madness that lurks in "the box." I have this big storage bin that I gathered all of our papers in and it needs to be organized. Luckily, Money Saving Mom is to the rescue! She is currently doing an organization "challenge" on this exact thing!

3. Walking the different trails in our town. I have actually spotted a few and have only done one of them towards the end of last school year. I know, I know... I really should take both of them. But, we go on family walks after dinner and Andrew walks Max with some supervision. Alex and I really enjoyed our walks last Spring, so I hope to get back on that this week. 

4. Freezer cooking!! I actually did get to this last weekend. I am so glad that I am getting back into this. There is just SO MUCH that goes on between right now and January that having dinner DONE is the best thing ever. I made 9 dinners last weekend all from this awesome blogger! Thanks! We are LOVING the dinners so far :)

Just a shot of my freezer's insides overflowing ;) 

5. Finishing up our Summer Scrapbook!! I have just about 4 weeks left to add to the book. Thank goodness for Shutterfly and their easy-peasy ways of scrapbooking!

Click the picture if you want to see it bigger - just a screen shot of the first pages of the book (1st day/last day of school comparison. Still can't believe how fast he grew!!)

BONUS: Going to the grocery store or Target with ONE child. As much as I love my Andrew, he has gotten to the "I want ___" and/or "I need ____" stage. And, Alex has just now gotten to the "cookie"  with Mommy's coffee stage. LOL I can handle that for now. What sillies. :)

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  1. Love your list Heather! And glad to see that I am not the only one who "steals" a few moments while waiting in the car for the kids to read a book on the Kindle! I just started Gretchen Rubin's "Happiness at Home"!


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