Monday, September 24, 2012

Reading Nook Ideas

I have always wanted to make a spot somewhere for our little guys to have a reading nook. The only problem was...where? Lucky for me, I didn't have to worry about that. See, Andrew and Alex have been mischief makers now that Alex is in a toddler bed, too. At first it was the nights...getting up, messing with each other, turning on the lights and getting out their toys.

Um, no. It's bed time.

So, the toys have been removed and are secretly put back in (just a box of current favorites) before we go to bed.

Well, now they had this big space in their closet. I couldn't hang clothes there. Those would come flying down in no time... So, I just left it and went on.

One day, I hear giggles and grunts, and, then, a closet door shut. And, quite. Hmmm...what are they up to???

 Yep. That's right! My boys took care of things themselves and made a reading nook all on their own!
And how cute is it??

 How stinkin' cute! They even have "shelves" in there!! 

LOVE it!!

There are a few things I want to add in there for them. See, on the top shelf it is covered with storage stuff (bigger clothes, shoes, diapers, etc) so the lighting in bad. So, I may add some of those stick-on tap lights. And maybe a mini map? I dunno. We shall see what happens to this magical little space of theirs. Andrew told me it should be all blue the other day. So, who knows what will be done! :)

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