Monday, September 24, 2012

Andrew's School Party {Birthday Edition}

Andrew had his birthday party with his class a few days before his birthday. And, well, between getting ready for that and getting ready for his birthday extravaganza, I had forgotten to share these pictures!

 Alex was my party planning assistant for the morning :)

 I had to take a picture of this... Andrew has been obsessed with the weather due to Hurricane Issac. It was headed towards my family, but moved over a bit. Since then, he has asked about the rain, the sun, the wind...everything. Up until then, I thought only Lightning McQueen was his only "thing."  And, then, when we came to school to set up - I saw that HE WAS THE WEATHER MAN!! :D

 All set up for the party. I know...I'm sure that there will be even cuter classrooms to come, but this is just adorable!

 After PE time, it was snack time. Ok, last year's party (Why i can't find a pic on here...I don't know...), he was in the 2 year old class. It was typical for that age - loud...we too excited for snack, they didn't want to hush a bit for the prayer. This year, WOW! They are so.... They are big kids this year!! Anyway, Miss S. helped him hold out three fingers while everyone sang "happy birthday." 
So. Cute.

 We left after the party to finish up some errand while he finished up his school work. When we picked him up and unloaded the car, he was VERY excited to see that his teachers left him a present in his bag!! He got some little candies, stickers, and a blow-up microphone. So much fun!. 

And, yes, he told us the weather later that day. With his handy dandy blow-up microphone. 

Love. Him.

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