Monday, September 17, 2012

He's 3. THREE!!!!

Ok, remember Friday night, I set up Andrew's birthday surprise? Well, it was time for those two little monkeys of mine to get up. They were already awake (shocker) and ready to paaaaarrrrrrty! Only, the actual party is on Sunday LOL But, think of it like an NFL Pre-Game! HA!

This cracked us all up! We told Andrew to open the door (luckily, Alex doesn't know how to do that yet). He just looked at what we had done to his door, then at us, and then at Alex. Then BOTH of them started giggling. We told him this was his birthday surprise and he had to "open" it! LOL He loved that it was that streamer tape he found at the party store. He asked Alex to help him, which was no problem for our linebacker-to-be. He touched it then just plowed on through! HAHA! They thought it was so much fun, but were definitely ready for breakfast. :)

Breakfast at Our Place - Andrew's pick! He loves going here to get a sausage biscuit with grape jelly. 

 After breakfast we headed to the park
Left: The three men in my life I can't live without. LOVE THEM!!
Right: A toddler version of "music in the park" LOL

Time to open a present from Daddy, Mommy, Alex, and Max!!
A new train set - score! I had asked Andrew what he wanted for his birthday a few weeks ago. And, while I was fully expecting something involved with Lightning McQueen, he surprised me! He asked specifically for a a train bridge with a tunnel. You got it, buddy!! 

 Had to get a close up of Andrew little hands. I wish I had done this every month. I don't remember when that little roll of fat disappeared around his wrist. Alex still has it, though. So, I'm guessing around 1 1/2? I miss it - LOL 

Lunchtime! Andrew chose mac-n-cheese. Perfect for this 3-year-old! 

The rest of the day was filled with train sounds and getting ready for tomorrow's birthday party. Get ready, race fans! It will be up lightning fast!! ;)

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