Thursday, September 13, 2012

An Afternoon in Irondale

Ever since I moved to Birmingham (permanently, meaning after we married) back in 2007, I have always wanted to go to the Irondale Cafe. Whoever has watched the movie Fried Green Tomatoes will know this as the Whistlestop Cafe. Plus, I have always loved trains and, now, our kids love trains, so why not?

So, after we were out shopping one Saturday (with my hubby - wait for it - to the outlets! gasp!), we GPS'd ourselves to Irondale. And, let me tell you - the excitement level of the possibility of seeing a train go by while eating lunch was through the roof for Andrew. He just could not wait. It was pretty funny. We told him that if he ate his lunch, then a train would come by. Can I just say - we were praying that a train would pass AFTER he ate his lunch. Ha! Thankfully, it worked out that way. Trains aren't exactly on the same schedule as toddlers most days. Anyway, her are some pictures I took during our after-lunch adventure by the rails:

 Walking up the ramp to look for any trains that may be headed our way.

 On the other side of the tracks :) See the red sign back there? That is the restaurant we were at - the Irondale Cafe. It's a little cafeteria-style, meat-and-three type of place. 

 Love this picture - I may end up blowing it up for their room. Or even the living room. Trains played such a big part in the Industrial Era of our city and are loved by all of us so maybe. Who knows. 

 Andrew cannot wait to see the trains!!

 Daddy and Alex watching, too. 

 I love this one, too!  And, yes! The engineer waved to us from this train, too!!

Lots of freight cars - according to Andrew :) He thought it was pretty cool that he has seen these trailers on trucks before and that the train was carrying them now. 

 Ok, maybe this is the one I will blow up - so many choices! Personally, it was pretty cool to stand ON the tracks. I don't think I have actually ever done that before...maybe? Mom would know :)

That was our fun adventure! Gotta love checking out the stuff in your own city!

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