Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Southern Museum of Flight

We went on a little adventure a few weekends ago to one of our museums - Southern Museum of Flight! I have wanted to take the boys here for a while, but it is a not-so-great part of town. It's over by the a neighborhood. So, going with Jason was a MUST. When we got there, I felt bad for the museum. Other than us and the museum staff, there was just one other family. This museum is in some need of love from its locals. So, if you live close by, check it out! It really is a great little place for families with little kids. It is there perfect size for those guys that want to be big kids and walk on their own. However, if you want a bigger place to check out, head south to Pensacola, FL for the National Naval Aviation Museum. I'll have a post on that the next time we go visit my family. But, for now, check out all the fun we had right here in town! And, again, make a little visit out there with your little pilots :)

One of the pilot statues as you enter the exhibits to the Tuskegee Airmen and the Korean War Jets. 

Crop Duster Exhibit

 Andy looking at the smaller models and listening to the history of aviation in Birmingham.

 Andrew being Mr. Big Kid....walking in the General Aviation Hanger. They LOVED this place!

They got a chance to "fly" an airplane!

"Flying" and pushing as many buttons as possible!

 Loving every moment in the cockpit - we could barely get them out of there! But, like I said, we were the only ones there for good while. They sat in there for, like, a half hour until they saw the next cool thing to do.

K'Nex!!! Jason was pretty excited about that, too! And, again - we spent another good while here! So fun! Oh, and now Andy wants K'nex...the box says "ages 7 and up" Sorry, buddy. Another few years...maybe ;)

Alex, of course, loved it, too!

Now, we need a vote LOL This is Jason's airplane he was working on in the pictures above. And...

And this one is mine :) Neither one of us have played with K'Nex is so long. We had a blast! 

Alex thought mine was pretty cool. We all made some fun stuff. But, we need to move along since we had another wing of the museum to see. 

Vietnam War Exhibit

One last time to "fly" some more planes - er - jets!! 

We had a great time! We hope some of you have a chance to visit the Southern Museum of Flight, too!


  1. Sorry, Heather, but I gotta go with Jason's. His looks like a real plane. :)

    1. WHAT?! I followed the directions! LOL I guess the engineer wins again ;)


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