Sunday, February 10, 2013

Super Heroes in the Gardens

Yesterday was such a fabulous day! We were going to start off with a picnic in the gardens, but wanted it to warm up just a tad bit more, so we had lunch at Chili's first. But, then, we headed out to the Botanical Gardens. These guys had a blast! We didn't take the stroller nor the wagon, so they were quite tired when we finally left.

Wondering about that title yet?

I found some super cute shirts on clearance at Target...and they came with CAPES!! HA!! How stinkin' cute is that?! 

 Their new thing - running hand-in-hand. LOL We have to remind Andy that he can't go super fast so Alex doesn't get dragged behind. Too cute!

 Walking through the trails

 Found a big bird's nest

 Taking a break on a huge rock in the Japanese Garden

 Walking through secret paths

 Alex and I taking a break in one of the gazebos 

 Super Alex liked this one...he wanted to stay inside. 

 A big pond with big fish

Toddler rock climbing :)

Alex's favorite find

Another perfect day with our little family! 

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