Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

We hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine's Day! We didn't start the week off so hot (or, maybe we did...). Both boys had some goofy fever virus Monday...luckily, everything left as quickly - and oddly - as it came by Wednesday morning. So, Andy was SO glad he was able to go to school for his Valentine's party. Jason was out of town for the first half of the week, too. So, was fun. Life of a mama, right?! Anyway, here are some pictures of our Valentine's fun for the week. Enjoy!

I threw this together earlier this month. I had NOTHING on this mantle since taking everything down after Christmas. It was a sad little shelf... But, I got it together!
Items used:
My antique backgammon board
Heart wreath - Target, last one on the shelf...had to grab it, right?
Blue Candle with ribbon I just tied on - Target
"LOVE" and striped party straws - Target
My black candle holder that shows up everywhere holding anything with some ribbon tied around it. 
Little white candle - this is actually a Christmas/winter candle. Smells like pine. 
Had to add in the blue for the boys this year. Andy is all about the "no girl colors" thing now. He told me I could have "a little tiny pink" Thanks, sweetie :)

 Sunday evening tea with a fabulous message from my tea tag! 
It reads: "Where there is love, there is no question." 
Perfect for Valentine's - don't you think?
I love these teas! Yogi Tea is the best!!

Monday morning we headed out to get some meds and such from Publix. I just had to pick up these fancy flowers! I love how they added the sparkles to the blooms! So cute :)

Monday night/Tuesday Morning:
Jason went to the Strong Men Strong Faith Conference Monday night (Which he said was great, by the way. If you have a man in your life - husband, father, brother, friend - he should definitely check it out.) and came home with two dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. Now, if you know my hubby personally, you know he is not really the type that gets suckered into "sweet deal." He said that he since he was near a Krispy Kreme, he decided he wanted a snack. After he picked out 2 he liked, he thought the boys would like the sprinkle hearts. After he had X amount of sweetness, somehow he ended up getting a good deal if he bought 2 dozen. LOL So funny. I just love him!!

 Wednesday night after a full day of feeling awesome and 100% great, Andy and I get to working on Valentine's before bed. He was very particular about which friend got which card. It was SO CUTE!!

 And this picture? He just did that and I happened to snap it. SO CUTE!!! He made that face with every friend!! Love this kid...

 Valentine's morning:
Party cups!! Woot!! How cute are these?! When Target put these out in January...they were mine! It is so hard to find BLUE Valentines' stuff. And, love the little strong guy on it! They both say "World's Best" on the side. And, yes! They are the world's best little boys! We love you both SO much!! And, ok, doesn't Andy look like he is totally saying, "Cheese. Take it already." LOL

School party!!
Alex and I came back to Andy's school around lunch time for the party. Alex thought he was cool stuff sitting at the big kid table. He was talking to a little girl while Andy was listening to what the other boys were talking about. These little kids in this class are ADORABLE! They are all the sweetest. Wish I had taken a pic of the little gift we had for his teacher - darn! Andy picked out an awesome coffee cup for her and filled it with candies. She is fabulous and had made Andy feel so welcome. So glad we made the choice in taking him out of that other preschool.

After we left school, we made an impromptu trip to the McWane Center - loved it! NO ONE WAS THERE!!! Always think about what those big kids are doing - hello? School parties. Everyone is AT school! Woot! And, I swear, if I had a room filled with those pokey box things (whatever that is called in the bottom right picture...), these guys would be entertained for HOURS!! I had to drag them away after a while. Too funny!

 Thursday afternoon Andy and Alex made some Valentine's for Grandma and Nana

 Thursday night BEFORE dinner the boys decorated their mailboxes. 
After dinner, they got to see what I put inside while they were finishing up. 
Items inside:
Light up bouncy ball
New pack of crayons
Lightning McQueen Lollipop (yes, from the leftover school Valentine's)
Andy was the sweetest ever and shared his goodies with Alex that he got from school. What a wonderful big brother!!

 Jason came home just in time to say goodnight to them. I found that he left this on the counter for me!! Yummy! Chocolate and wine!!! He is the best!! :) 

Again, we hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day (or week, if you are crazy like us!)!!

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