Friday, February 8, 2013

Just the 2 of Us

Alex and I went to the McWane Center the other day while Andy was at school. We had so much fun together! It's much easier to watch just ONE kid running around... But, leaving is harder. Shocking, I know. But, Andy helps me out because he understands why we need to go and Alex just copies what he does. So, we rarely have fussing when it is both. But, we had some fussing...ok, a fit, when it was time to get Andy from school. But, he was so happy to see his brother once we got there! It's all good.

 Before head over to McWane, we stopped for lunch at Zoe's - YUM! Alex loves those "dee-yas" :)

We went to the 2nd floor after realizing that going to the 3rd was a HUGE mistake. Grossology? Really? Ok, while I am all for learning about germs, biology stuff, animals, how the digestive system works, etc... BURPING, FARTING, ETC is not something I want to encourage. McWane...what are you doing? Ask a few of the moms with young children... Anyway, Alex was fine with leaving that area. The dinosaur stuff is his favorite anyway. Such a cute little paleontologist!

 Our next stop was the lower level with the aquarium and shark tank. Alex LOVED that he had free reign of the place. There weren't a lot of people here since it was the later lunch hour (when we got to McWane there were four school buses - eek! But they were heading home when we came down here, thank goodness!)

 He loved these fish the most! We did go to the shark tank, but didn't grow that 3rd arm to take pictures with just yet. Darn... He touched one of the sharks, too! He giggled and even squealed about it! Too cute! 

 Our last stop was the main floor where the tiny engineers, architects, and construction workers in-training get to hang out. Alex made a super cool magnet tower (left) and then put on his construction vest to organize the mini Publix (right - and yes, they have a Publix sign! Ha!).

He had such a great time!

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