Monday, February 4, 2013

Elephants in the City!

A few weeks ago the circus came to town. And, where there is a circus...there is usually a circus train filled with ELEPHANTS! A few years ago, I took Andrew to see the elephants walk through downtown Birmingham. It was so cold but so worth it! This year it was a tad bit different. Still freezing cold, but much more of adventure!!

 The Greatest Show on Earth...that took forever and a day to get going. But, only because of a silly train blocking the tracks. We were outside, bundled up...freezing...waiting for those elephants to show up. After an hour and a half later, I told he boys that WE would go to the elephants instead of waiting for them. And that is EXACTLY what we did!! 

 In the warmth of our car, we found them by following a few police cars. The route the elephants were taking to get from one of the train yards to the BJCC was posted, so why not head that way? They HAVE to get to the civic center for the show, right?

We found them at one of the intersections...which this is the road that leads to the civic center, but it was block by a train just chilling out on the tracks, so they had to go around. After, we were allowed to go I took a turn and beat them to the next intersection where they were turning to get around the train. This is when an offer gets out of his car and ask why I was following him LOL Luckily, I didn't seem too crazy as both my boys yelled, "elephants!!" when he walked up to the car!! HA! Good times! So, he told us to go across quickly and park in the grass. We got THE. BEST. VIEW. 

Here they come!! Turning the corner to go around the tracks!

 So cool!! The boys were squealing the whole time!! I just LOVE how they hold tails :) So sweet!

 This is the lead elephant, Asia! She is wearing the signature Bear Bryant hat to commemorate the big win by the Tide. I must say, even though I am not a current Alabama fan...that hat suits her well!

 There they go! You can see the grass where we parked. SO AWESOME that police man told us we could do this! He rocks!! It was such a great morning!! But, this IS the extent of our circus fun.I am not a fan of the circus. Sure, it may be fun to watch, but I'm not so sure the animals are treated very well... Plus, it costs WAY too much... This was enough for us and we made some pretty awesome memories :) 

We headed to Dunkin Donuts to warm up with some yummy donuts after our elephant adventure. These guys had such a great time! They told the donut people about the elephants and got themselves a bonus donut hole (or two). Such cuties!


  1. Man, that looks like fun! Love the donut pics, too. Alex looks JUST LIKE YOU!

  2. That's so awesome! I wanted to take the kids so badly, but we had contractors at our house working that morning. But then when I saw how late it ran, I was kind of glad we didn't try. I'm glad it worked out for y'all, though!


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