Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easter Baskets - Part 1: Getting It Together

Thought I would share this year's Easter baskets with everyone :)

Things are getting crazy at the House since the birthday party is coming up fast and Easter starts us off running into party mode.

I am making the boy's easter baskets this year. I really HATE Easter grass. That plastic crap that sticks to EVERYTHING and you find it months later in the weirdest places. I also don't want to deal with all the gross candy that comes in those Easter baskets at the store. Plus, Andrew's got that allergy to high fructose corn syrup. And, Andrew and Alex like M&Ms anyway. So that is taken care of - no problem. I don't want the rest. And those overly obnoxious baskets...ugh...

So, this year, they are homemade-ish. :) It's a word... Well, it is now.

I took 2 baskets that I had from the kitchen. I got them at Hobby Lobby a long time ago and I think they are about $3 or $4 each.I headed back there last week (shocker, right? since I can't go Target yet lol) and grabbed 2 small spray paint cans that Andrew and Alex picked. I asked Andrew what his favorite color was. He said, "blue." Then continued to tell me that Alex's was green. Cool beans, I don't have to stand in front of a hundred colors trying to figure out what Alex's favorite color may or may not be. Thanks, Andy!

Cute, right? And, no annoying Easter grass! There are so many things that are going in these baskets, too.

So far this is what I have collected:

Andrew's basket - 
Max the Rabbit from the books/show "Ruby and Max" (Books-a-Million)
Bug catching kit (Dollar Tree)
Insect guide (a score from a Sonic kid's meal!)
M&Ms Easter egg (CVS)
Sidewalk chalk eggs (Dollar Tree)

Alex's basket -
Another Pat the Bunny :) It's different from the one my mom gave him. It's like a mini blanket. Very cute.  (Books-a-Million)
Bunny book (Dollar Tree)
M&Ms Easter egg (CVS)
Sidewalk chalk eggs (Dollar Tree)

I also bought them each their first Rosary! Ok, technically, for Andrew this will be his 2nd one. He has one from his Baptism cake hanging up. I never got around to getting Alex's one :( But, they both have one that they can hold and "play" with while Andrew learns a prayer over the summer, while we are at Mass, or at the Children's Eucharistic Adoration. I bought them from Catholic Child :)

 I am also adding in some Easter eggs filled with cheddar bunnies from Annie's Homegrown. Fun! I got those on Amazon. I usually find the best prices with them for this brand.

So, now that the Easter baskets are pretty much taken care of, I can focus on the birthday party again.

What's going in your child's Easter basket? Do you have any traditions?

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