Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

Hope you have your sweet tea in hand - there are a lot of pictures!

 Andrew's (left) and Alex's (right) Easter baskets that I put together for them (the part 2 that I never posted lol). Andrew got a coloring book, Max Bunny, bug catching kit, M&Ms, jelly beans, and Rosary with prayer book. Alex has almost the same items, only with a different Pat the Bunny (he has another one he takes everywhere), a bunny book (which is hiding) and different items that are better for his age for catching bugs.

 Here they are after Easter Sunday Mass finding their baskets.

Checking out their goodies

Eye spy....lol

 Smiles and "thank yous" from our sweet little men :)

Calling all bugs

Had to share this - how cute are these Jelly Belly boxes I found at Books-a-Million?! Love them!

Alex finds his first Easter egg with some help from Daddy!

Andrew is LOVING it this year! He was all about finding those eggs!

Getting some "help" from his big brother lol

Found another one!

TONS of eggs!

And so much fun!! We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!

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