Wednesday, April 9, 2014

February?'s April.

Apparently getting back on track after coming home from the "North Pole" is rough. And, with Spring Cleaning happening around the house - among MANY changes that are happening - getting to posting the updates just wasn't happening. Luckily, I found a break in the day! So, here is a look at the last week of February! Sheesh. I know, right?!


From the top (and left), people!

Having a picnic on the "warmest" day of February. I think it was about 55 that day. Yes, we freeze in the South when it is below 70. Haha.

Found me a new drank! Ok, ok. I kid. But, seriously. That Moscato, by Ruby Sky, may just be my new favorite. Barefoot is great. Even the Wine Cube at Target (hot pink box) is yummy. But this...? Yes, please. I need to stock up next time I head out to Fresh Market.

Alex was WIPED out by the time we got back home from school AND the park. Fell asleep with his game still playing and wearing the sunglasses. Too funny.

Bottom, left: Yes, Baby Austin. This is how you build a train track. You must organize your train tracks first. Always. By the way, I made a page (per Andrew's request) for just train track layouts. If you are in need of a train track, click here. You will not get stuck on any loops and you will always be able to return to the original train station.

Baby Austin - almost 4 months old in this picture -  playing while I get some much needed laundry done.

Andrew and Alex working hard on a puzzle before dinner. Austin in in the background playing with his toys.


February was fun...but way too cold. Thankfully, the Spring in FINALLY here!! Coming up (at some point...hopefully soon), our travels from Birmingham all the way up to the "North Pole" - ahem, I meant Minneapolis. Fun times are coming, y'all!

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