Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Road Trip - St. Louis to Minneapolis

Note: If you followed our travels on Instagram, these pictures are pretty much the same. But, enjoy them just the same!

Wait! Did you miss Day 1? Click here! 

Welcome back! Let's keep driving, shall we?

It is the second day of our trip. We slept pretty well, even though our hotel room looked like what I picture a frat house would be like! Andrew and Alex shared a queen bed, but somehow one had his leg over the other's chest. And the other one had an arm over the others face. It was hilarious. I wanted so bad to take a picture, but no... I really didn't want to risk waking them up. Austin did pretty well, too. He had the pack-n-play and was a sweetie. We enjoyed a yummy breakfast and headed out to get to Minneapolis.

 He's a teeny weeny super travel guy!

 Traveling through the snowy plains. 

 Finally found the Missouri state sign...as we are entering Iowa

 More snowy plains as far as the eye can see. So pretty!

 2 out of 3 are snoozing away. Andrew is working on a sticker book.

 Another nerdy stop we made...was a bust. Boo.
A couple of hours ago, we stopped to see the USS Riverside (Riverside, Iowa is the future birthplace of Capt. Jame Kirk). LOL that was sad. Even the boys were like, "whaaaaa?" It was just stuck on a trailer and parked in a parking lot. Kinda lame. There was a tourist trap "museum" or something, but we just snapped a pic and moved on. We had to make better time!

 Leaving Iowa and finding lots of wind farms!

 Pretty, but ridiculous. This huge lake is completely frozen over. Oh, it is just too much for this Southern girl. Oh my, my, my. 

We have arrived! Gorgeous view of downtown Minneapolis from our room. We even got to see the Future Mr. & Mrs. before saying goodnight! We are so excited to get this wedding started!! 


Crazy side story:

So, you know those Leapsters that they boys were playing with? Well...somehow we thought, after stopping for lunch in Iowa, we had LOST Alex's. We turned around and went back to the Quizno's looked all over the ice/snow covered parking lot... Asked the gas station and Quizno's people... Looked all over the car. Under things, behind things. EVERYWHERE. It was horrible. I prayed to St. Anthony ("Tony Tony look around...something is lost and can't be found" - he's the one you ask for help when something is lost... We Catholics do that.) the whole time and nothing... We searched all over and no where was that thing to be found. We ended up telling the boys that it was time to put the games away for a big, take a nap, do something else. Thankfully, they were somewhat ok with that idea (and I also pulled out some extra prizes) and we put Andrew's game away for the moment.

As we continued out journey to Minneapolis, I was cursing the jerk that stole it from the parking lot. I mean, come on, it wasn't anywhere in that van. Someone stole it, right? Jerk. They boys were happy playing with their sticker books and taking naps here and there. We played "I Spy" and listened to some music. Good times. But, Jason and I were planning out how in the world we were going to get back to Alabama with a broken DVD player and a lost video game. Oh, dear...I really wish St. Anthony would help us. 

We finally make it to Minneapolis and are tired and excited. I run in to get our hotel keys while Jason is with the valet getting our luggage taken care of. I come back and Jason has the biggest smile on his face. As I am just about to ask what the smile for, he holds up Alex's Leapster!!!! The darn thing had fallen somehow inside the folded up stroller. There's no way we would have found that without having to take everything out of the van. Thank, St. Anthony! And, sorry to the "person" I cursed the rest of the way to our destination. Alex was thrilled and we could all finally go to bed now that everything was ok.

Sad, crazy, but true. Ah, the life of parents. 


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