Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rewind: March 16-22

Note: Don't Worry! You didn't miss the week before this one. We went on that crazy road trip, remember? Click here to see those pics!

1. Austin was teething like CRAZY all of March it seemed. Now it is April and he has two tiny bottom teeth. His two top ones are not far behind! These teething cookies by Plum Organics are the BEST!
2. Home sweet home after our mega road trip enjoying my coffee. This is as close as I want to be to Minnesota for a long time...
3. Austin's 4 month old check up happened that week. He was (on that day) 17 pounds!! Yep. He loves to eat. Eating is his favorite. 
4. Taking a nap in the shade of a gazebo at the Botanical Gardens
5. Chilling out in the bumbo with his very messy bib. 
6. Austin loves his pears, peas, and broccoli! Yum!

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