Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Road Trip - Minneapolis {Wedding / Heading Home}

Note: If you followed our travels on Instagram, these pictures are pretty much the same. But, enjoy them just the same!

Wait! Did you see the pictures from yesterday's adventures? Click here!

Wedding Day!!! How exciting!! YAY!! Let me just tell you this day was amazing, exciting, crazy, super fun! Jason, who was one of the Best Men, and two of my boys, who were ring bearers ALL had to be ready and at the church bright and early Saturday morning. Of course, this meant that I had to be completely dressed, hair, makeup, etc before them to have them ready and also feed/dress a baby. I don't believe I ever got that ready that fast in a long time.

Oh, but wait. As prepared as I typically am, I was not at 100% without my coffee beforehand... When we got to the church, Jason and the boys headed in with their "finish getting ready" bags. But, where are the boys' shirts and ties??? Oh. My. Gosh. Back at the hotel. That I already checked out of...

So, what's a mama to do? Floor it through downtown Minneapolis using GPS, no thanks to Siri by the way. Yeah, apparently, I am too Southern for her and she has no idea what I was asking for. Grrr. I also called the hotel, while running a red light or two (Hey! In my defense, those lights aren't even in the right place. They are off to the side - not over the road. What is that about? Ugh. Northerners.) hoping that they had the shirts. And, begging that they bring them out as I still had Austin in the car.

Thankfully, as I pulled up, the awesome valet came out with my two tiny shirts and ties!!! Back to the church we go! So glad I got back in time for the photographer.Time for the wedding!!

 Ahhhh!!! My handsome men ready for the wedding!

Cuties playing around just before to get the giggles out :)

Side note: As soon as I get a hold of some more wedding photos to share, I will update this post. :)

 My amazing husband giving his Best Man speech - I hope our boys continue to be best friends as Jason and Justin are. Just so sweet. 

Crazy Side Story:

After the reception was coming to a close, it was time for us to do a wardrobe change and head back to the South to thaw out. I kid... But, really. It was time for us to head back home. We ran into some crazy construction traffic - again. While Jason drove the first half to St. Louis, we talked and laughed about our wedding and such. But as we, kept talking and driving...we ran into snow. Yep. Snow.

 First it was nothing. Just some flakes that make the windmills appear even spookier. 

 And, then, it turned into more snow. We are driving SOUTH, aren't we?

 Then, it was a LOT of snow. 

 By this point...I was checking the radar to figure out where it ended and what storm warnings/watches were where. Yeah. After we passed Cedar Rapids, Iowa it was decided. We were going to drive ALL THE WAY HOME. All the way home with 3 little guys and two tired parents. 

As it was getting darker, the Leapsters were handed over (we let them keep them for as long as need to get the safe driving without the whining taken care of) and we announced that it was bedtime. Andrew was pretty tired so he was kind of ok with it. By they were both highly confused as to where the hotel was... Well, after stopping for gas, high caffeine coffee, potty breaks, and getting the boys comfy, it was my turn to drive. And, the chaos began.

Austin decided to get mad about being his seat or scared about the dark or something. We aren't really sure. Jason climbed into the back and gave him another bottle while telling him a version of Goodnight Moon (the book I read to him every night before bed). It was the sweetest and funniest thing ever to hear. 

"Goodnight moon. Goodnight room. Goodnight light and the red balloon.
Goodnight van. Goodnight mommy. Goodnight Andrew. Goodnight Alex.
Goodnight Tusker. Goodnight Roary. Goodnight Baby Fox.
Goodnight cooler. Goodnight snacks. Goodnight Austin."

It went on for a while. I was cracking up and getting teary eyed at the same time. It was adorable. I have the best husband...he is such an amazing dad...

Anyway, that was only one out of the three. Luckily, Andrew fell asleep. Two down. One to go. And that one was rough. He was beginning to pitch a bloody fit from you know where... Thankfully, Siri came to the rescue (apparently she can understand Jason better) and found us a 24 hour CVS in St. Louis. Jason ran in a grabbed some Zarbee's Kids Sleep... Night, Night Alex. In a half hour he was out.

3 AM rolled around and this mama was getting tired... We stop for more gas (which by the way... BP Gas SUCKS! Worst gas ever. Killed our mileage. But, it was the ONLY one most of the way... And the wind. The wind was terrible.), coffee for Jason and made the switcheroo. I fell asleep on and off, but he got us McDonald's at 6 am for breakfast in Tennessee, just north of Nashville.

We let the boys play in the play place (something we don't typically do at McDonald's because they are gross) to let out some energy. Once everyone was fed, happy, and ready to get home, we left with me driving again. 

And, finally...we made it home.

It took us 19.5 hours from Minneapolis to Home Sweet Home. 

We made it home just before 10 am. Everyone was happy to be out of the van, as great as it was. Andrew and Alex instantly got out the train tracks while Austin played happily, stretching out his little legs, in his bouncy seat.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and stories of our adventures!

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