Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Road Trip - Adventures in Minneapolis {Mall of America / Rehearsal Dinner}

Note: If you followed our travels on Instagram, these pictures are pretty much the same. But, enjoy them just the same!

Wait! Did you see what we did in Minneapolis yesterday? Click here!

Day 4 - We headed back to the Mall of America to see more of it - that place is really over-the-top gigantic. You have to go more than once. And, we didn't even see all of it... And, honestly, it is too big. Yes, I know. I LOVE to shop, but wow. I never realized I had anxiety issues until I went there. Holy moly! It was a lot of fun though!

Kix and Leapsters - a perfect morning vacation ritual 

Andrew is in Lego heaven!

Having a blast!

Andrew and Alex got to pick out some more Legos to add to their growing collection

Cool mom points haha! I love my boys so much!!

Why, yes, that is a transformer guy of some sort. And, yes, is is built out of Legos! WOW!

More Lego creations
Riding the train back to the hotel to get ready for the rehearsal - Alex loved watching the tracks go by

Love him!

At the church practicing their ring bearer duties - so cute!

   Mommy and Alex / Andrew and Daddy at the Rehearsal Dinner

The Future Mr. and Mrs. Justin Woyak (ok...at the time of the picture anyway LOL)!!!

My sweet husband holding a very sleepy baby Austin - love them!
Thanks, Dave, for the last 2 pictures!!


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