Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Happy March!

Welcome to the first week of March!


 Austin LOVES his bouncy!
Sleepy Daddy and Baby
Taco Party with out besties!


 First walk to welcome the sunny weather!! And, yes, Austin has learned how to wave. Though, I think it is just coincidental for the moment.

 Austin LOVES to play!!

{Tuesday - Mardi Gras!}

Mama decked out in purple, green, and gold!
Pancakes for our Fat Tuesday dinner - yum :)

{Wednesday - Ash Wednesday}
 The bigger ones still think it is Mardi Gras. 
My tea cup knows what day it is though! Check that out. My tea bag tag says, "RENEW" - how's that for the start of Lent!
Yes, Austin plays, plays, plays! But he does love a good catnap. 

{Thursday - Mother's Tea}

 My sweet little gentleman and I at school for a Mother's Tea and Luncheon.

 A quick run to the doc to find out that Alex had croup and Austin had a perforated ear drum. Sweet. Right before our trip... Good thing we drove.


Love baby feet!

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