Saturday, April 30, 2011

A 19 month old, a 2 week old, and a tornado - WOW

Wow. After Wednesday's storm insanity, I'm not sure where to begin. I started off as a wonderful week at home with my 2 little men and an extra set of helping hands from my MIL. She was a great help with getting me back into our typical routine around here. It was great to have another week of that! She took Andrew out with her to run errands like grocery shopping or getting lunch and such, with gave me time to bond a bit more with Alex, rest, and catch up with the rest of the world. Jason and I even got to go out on another date night (that is a funny story...but hang on for that in a second). So, here a few pictures from the beginning of the week:

 Camera phone picture...sorry for the bad quality. It was too cute to not post though!

 Cheesin' it up!

 Alex and his Nana - he is all snuggled up with a very happy, full tummy :)

See? The beginning of the week is all smiles, lights on, hot water working... Anyway, Jason and I had a date night while Sarah was still in town. We had planned on going out on Wednesday - you know, mid-week, nice break from the world... Well, Mr. Weather Man had other plans and I had the feeling we really needed to just go out Tuesday night instead. So, off to Outback we went. YUM! Ok, we had an awesome dinner for Outback. I'm normally not a big Outback fan. But, it was good! We got a yummy ahi tuna appetizer. Jason had a new steak from the fire-grilled menu. I had a spicy shrimp pasta dish. And we both thought we were full. LOL. The waitress comes back and asks if we wanted dessert. Of course we say no and ask for a to-go box. She returns with the check and we ask her for the Trio Dessert. OMG. Yes, we went from saying no dessert to "actually, we want all of the desserts" hahahahaha! Oh well, right? I'm still not allowed to work out for another 4 weeks so what the heck. It was good!

Now for the madness of it all.

April 27th we are to get severe weather. Like, for real severe weather. Normally, we hear the tornado sirens and it is just a rotation in the air and NEVER close by. Not that day. Sarah and I were waiting for Jason to get home ASAP from a job in Auburn. As he is driving home, we are watching live feed from Tuscaloosa being completely destroyed. I have never seen anything like that before. The movies don't even compare. This was live, for real, and only an hour and a half west of us. We watched as numerous swirling funnels came together to form the super cell monster. It was one of the scariest, yet most amazing things to watch. Minutes later the feed is gone and our satellite tv is trying to keep the signal. At this point, Jason's at the junction just 20 minutes away and I call him to tell him he better drive faster. Thankfully, he gets home before our area is torn through.

Back to the sirens... Usually, we hear these and turn on the tv to see what is going on since they sound for the entire county and go off in certain areas that are ok. I have never heard the sirens stay on for longer than a few minutes. These were just screaming for about 10 minutes before they were cut off. We still had power for about an hour until it was a "brown-out" and then just gone. There was a moment outside where it was calm, quiet, and almost ok. Then, everything went darker and extremely windy. Thinking back, we probably should have been in our safe spot, but before we could decide it had ended. Our home and neighborhood is fine, but 7 minutes from home it is another story. Yes, 7 minutes from the house. I still cannot believe what I see when I drive through town...especially since it is so very close to us.

 Fultondale Fire Station - doors, roof, etc blown out. I hope no one was in there...

Some one's wall found on my back patio.

The neighborhood behind my favorite place - Target. Amazing how tornadoes pick and choose what the want to destroy. As much as I love my Target...that should have been destroyed. Not these people's homes and lives. 

Twisted up tree at the Whataburger.

Camera phone pic... That was a huge interstate light that was treated like a toothpick.

This is a warehouse on the back road that I usually take home. It was built only last year I think... This place is only 5 minutes from our neighborhood. 

There are just too many of these pictures now with the tv coverage and internet. I wish that none of this were true. We we lucky to get our power back when we did. Others may have to wait for weeks. Many are probably going to relocate just to start over. Please keep all these people affected by these storms in your prayers. 

For the rest of this story, click here.

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