Monday, June 9, 2014

I'm Getting Old {Or - The Day My 2nd Youngest Brother Graduated High School}

Can you believe it?! This guy graduated HIGH SCHOOL. He's the third one of us to leave behind the glory days of Pace High School.

Yes. I gave him those sunglasses with his real graduation gift.
And, yes. I did tell him that his future's so bright...he's gotta wear shades. 
And, yes...I am one awesome sister. Haha!

Now, how cool is this?! For Christopher's graduation day, Brendan (next in line for graduation) was the right rifle for Color Guard. Awesome. Yeah, he is on the Top 4 and all, so it was a given. But, still. That is pretty cool to be able to do that, especially on your brother's day. 

We arrive at the Pensacola Bay Center with the masses of people. But, we made the most of it by taking goofy pictures. Fun times!

Once inside, we got to watch Brendan and the other cadets practice for the National Anthem.

The graduates have arrives and are ready to get this party started!

Check it out!! I got my brother walking across the stage just as he got his diploma. You can see him on the screen on the left of the stage! So cool! 

Congratulations Class of 2014!!

Outside, we meet up and I got a pic of one happy mama and her not-so-little boy. So sweet!

Being silly is the best :)

Making the most of every "kodak moment" with these two guys. I'm so confused... Why do they look like grown ups?

You know I had to get this one!
Here are all of the Pace High School Alumni!!
Jason and I - 2003
James - 2008
Christopher - 2014
Can't wait to add Brendan to the list next year :)

Party time!
How cool is that cake?! Mom made it and it was super yummy!

Lots of food and...

...lots of fun!!

Congrats, Christopher!! We love you bunches and can't wait to see the amazing things you do!!


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