Friday, June 20, 2014

7 Quick Takes


I must say...mornings rock! Ever since I gave up playing the whole nap game, mornings have become even more awesome than before. Yes, I still get up around 6 am to just be me for a moment. But, now? Andrew and Alex are now sleeping in! Alex still gets up about 7 used to be like 6 and he would wake up the rest of the house. Andrew sleeps until 730 or 8, people. 8. Eight o'clock was the other day. I maybe just get Saturday mornings back for my birthday this year!!

Watching the sunrise with my little sunshine!

Coffee is great. It is even better when it is your second cup! And, I mean an actual second cup. Not the second cup you have poured and forgotten where the first one was or if you you even drank that one. And not the second time you nuked it either. I mean...SECOND CUP. Awesome.

Love listening to these two play together. This was the day Andrew was sleeping in until 8.

Bugs. Any kind of bugs that fall into the category of cute and tiny. Andrew and Alex are on a bug catching adventure. Every. Single. Day. Those skinny little centipede things...the little black ones. And those little roly poly bugs...pill bugs, I think they are called. All of them and any of them. They live in the boys dump trucks until it is time to come inside. Then they go back out and play hide and seek with these creatures. Hilarious!

Andrew and Roly Poly
Alex trying to catch a dragonfly
Andrew was on the dragonfly hunt, too

This little guy LOVES being outside! He loves watching the big boys run around. He loves to sit and listen to the birds. He loves the cool breeze in the shade. He loves the warm sun. He just loves it all.

Spinning around is quite fun these days

Guess what movie we saw this week...about 3 times...and are going to see it for a $1 next week on the big screen??

THE LEGO MOVIE!!! And, OH. MY. GOSH. That was seriously the cutest movie ever. The ending...just wonderful. You must go see this movie. Find a way and GO SEE IT. Andrew and Alex loved it (4 years and 3 years old). Jason and I laughed a lot at it. And, I don't know about Jason, but being a parent...I was totally tearing up. That is all I will say. Just go watch it with your kids - big or small. You won't regret it.


Legos! Legos! Legos!  Of course, because we finally saw this movie, we picked up a bunch of Lego-related books from the library. These guys were super excited to see that I found Lego Movie books!


Finally came! Now, we can get back to hitting up the pool with friends! Playing in the baby pool outside! Getting in the bathtub... If you have a little with some ear issues, like Austin, get this. It is pretty awesome! Yay for Ear Band-It Ultra!

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