Monday, June 23, 2014

Summertime and the Livin' is Easy {3 Mommy Moments}

Well, it is official! Summer is really here now, according to the handy dandy calendar. Yay!


Friday morning we had to head out to get our grocery shopping done. Typically, I handle all this on Saturdays with one of my littles to get in some one-on-one time with whoever's turn it is that day. But, this Saturday was going to be overrun by those flocking the neighborhood for the Annual Yard Sale. So...we planned accordingly.

Thankfully, I truly planned well. We started off with breakfast at Chick-Fil-A - and also talked Jason into coming along before heading to work. After all, he had been leaving early for work this week. It's only fair, right? And, of course, I let these guys play until Aldi was open. After getting a good 20 minutes of playtime in before errands, they were much easier to wrangle at the store.

Andrew can be found in the wheel of the cow car ~ Alex coming out of the slide

Once we got all of the errands taken care of and lunch out of the way, we headed out for a walk.

Austin is loving those sunglasses!

It did end up raining just a bit, so the chalk was wet where it was left out. But the boys thought it was cool and made a bunch of rainbows since they couldn't find any real ones.


Saturday was officially the start of summer - the longest day of the year. So, of course, we spent most of it outside. It was great!

A little after breakfast and already enjoying a snack and a drink under the umbrella
Water fun after lunch and Austin's nap - he LOVED the water. And this mama is very thankful for that Ear Band-It!!


It was such a great weekend and an even better way of kicking off my last year in my 20s! We headed to Mass Sunday morning, then had a yummy birthday lunch at P.F. Chang's. So happy the boys love that place because it is one of my favorites! They boys actually call it "Chicken Mulan" haha!

Here's a funny story...

It was a rough start to this day. See, Alex is still in the learning process of how to behave at Mass. Andrew does pretty well, but it hasn't rubbed off on Alex just yet. So, I - again - had to get up and hang out in the vestibule with Mr. Man until Communion. Not even sure what Father M. was talking about - something about Corpus Christi Sunday (but that is cheating since I got the Homily notes from Father J's blog earlier that morning).

Then, we head to lunch where Andrew was mad that his ear was starting to hurt. Alex was way too much (in my opinion) with his knee jumping on the booth seat. Austin was my sweet one as he was napping in the car seat next to my spot on the booth. I was getting annoyed because, well, it is my birthday - my day, sheesh! Is it too much to ask for good listeners on my birthday?

Well, just as I finished telling Jason that God wasn't playing fair or something to that aspect... THREE different people - the bar manager (behind our booth), the floor manager/hostess, and another waiter - all said how cute the boys were. All said how well-behaved they were. All talked to them and asked them different little kid questions.

Well played, God.

Complaints ended. Smiles and laughter started.

Happy birthday to me!!

Happy summer, everyone!!
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  1. What a great post--thank you for sharing! Happy birthday!!!

  2. Belated birthday blessings to you!! Jumping in from "Mom-ism Monday" to say "hi!. Your little guys are so sweet!! I can totally relate to the "behaving at Mass". Rest assured, as the kids get bigger, the sitting still and paying attention just happens naturally. But, those little ones definitely wear a momma and daddy out at Mass - thank goodness for those recorded homilies!! Keep up the good work and bringing them to Mass to spend time with Our Lord. He wants them there!!


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