Monday, June 9, 2014

A Week with Christopher {Part 1}

After Christopher graduated, guess who he wanted to go home with!! That's right. His awesome sister. Woot!

Tuesday: That is one packed minivan. 

Wednesday: Ok, ok... I may have lost some cool points when on Wednesday we had to go to Honda to get my car an oil change and rotation/balance... But, I think I made up for it when we headed to the Lego store. That place is awesome. And, Andrew and Alex think that Christopher is the coolest uncle because of it! They loved what he made (bottom right).

Thursday: We were definitely debating on the zoo for his day for many reasons. 1) I only go on Wednesdays. 2) It was about to pour. 3) I can't seem to remember what else there was, but I'm sure it was good. Anyway, we decided to just go for it. And, I am glad we did! I don't know where everyone was in the great city of Birmingham. But, we were thrilled to have the zoo almost to ourselves. It was GREAT! 

Next up: Huntsville. Too many pictures to post here!

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