Sunday, March 10, 2013

Andy's Room {update}

Back in January, I shared Andy's room makeover with you. Well, somehow I forgot to share his wall art we finally got up at the beginning of February. I took all of these railroad pictures and LOVED how they turned out. I got huge prints from Walgreens and some cheap frames from Hobby Lobby. Total cost of the project (of course with coupons) was just under $30. YAY!

 The "1" sign is from Homewood Antiques
5x7 of a railroad crossing
4x6 frame I had - just cut to size some cork board and pinned tickets from "Rocky Mountain Express" IMAX movie

 Yellow license plates from Homewood Antiques
8x10 of another train crossing

Every conductor needs a train lantern!
11x14 of an engine
16x20 of a signal post - this is Andy's favorite picture. He asked me to put that one here so he could see it from his bed. Such a sweetie :)

I had to add in this picture of these guys from the previous post just because they are so adorable. 

Next up: We will be painting Alex's room this coming weekend. The weather was just too nice to not be outside. 74!! Hello!! THIS is why I live in the South! Now, I have to get to brewin' some sweet iced tea, y'all!

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  1. Those artworks look fantastic I bet he is so happy with his updated room :D


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