Tuesday, November 25, 2014

McWane Science Center {In Pictures}

Sharing photos in the middle of packing...why not? Take a break from packing for the holiday, too, and enjoy the pictures!

The trains are back in town!
So we rode one (sorry for the sad attempt at getting a pic of all of us crammed in the tiny engine)
Ice fishing...for sharks. And, whales. You can't really do that, right? I'm Southern. I don't do ice... Unless it is in my coke...as in Coca-Cola or my sweet tea, of course
Said he was skateboarding...oh, dear. LOL
Time for another fort!

Then off to find some bugs. By the way, the scorpion was visible this time (behind the glass). Ew. He looked like he'd been stepped on (not by me).

Moon Jellies are awesome

Finding Nemo...we could only find Dory, Gill and the "Bubbles!!" fish

Catfish are way cooler than Moon Jellies

Declaring that he has found the lost catfish and he needs a fishing pole right now!

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