Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Exploring New Places

Sometimes we have showings that happen almost back-to-back or have a time slot blocked off. When this happens, we tend to take a longer drive - especially if some small people (and mamas) are a tad cranky. On one of those days, we drove over to explore things very close to the new house. We are so happy we did, too! The library is just minutes from the new place and the staff seems very nice, as well as the children's department (this is VERY important for this mama...see here on how we do the library). We can't wait to go there for story times and such in the very near future.

Behind the library, right outside the children's department floor-to-ceiling windows, is one awesome playground. We, of course, had to check that out! Another score! This place is perfect for all of my guys! It has all kinds of playground equipment that is spread out enough to where they can "run free" but fenced in perfectly for this mama of many! Oh, and the best part...no mulch! Ha! I know... But, it is that recycle tire material. It is awesome. I see many outings here coming up!

Andrew looking back at me from the "Sea Monster" area. Promise to get a better pic of that thing next time!
Watching Alex run all over the place from the Toddler area.
Austin loved this dinosaur - he is growling like one here!

Giving the alligator a pet. Gotta make sure he knows you're a good guy.

Hanging out with a hippo

Taking a swing break
This was a very cool place. We stayed for about an hour and didn't even realize it! Gotta love a place where you lose track of time! We can't wait to go back! Hopefully we can move before then!


House update: Some have asked how it is all going. Well, we are no longer "for sale by owner" after trying that out for 60 +/- days. And, we have been with our realtor for 2 weeks. We  did an open house the Sunday after re-listing. We had 4 showings last week and are up to 2 this week, so far. April is still a weird month with the weather being unpredictable and all. But, we are all thinking next month will be the month. So, keep the prayers a-coming!! Thanks everyone!!


Bump Update: We are doing well! I'm only really tired in the sense of "tired of waiting for a buyer" - and sometimes if it was a rough day... Luckily, the bigger boys have been pretty awesome since finding out they were getting a sister. They have been super helpful! Speaking of being helpful... Andrew wants y'all to know that I'm 22 weeks now which means the Baby Aria is the size of a grapefruit. He is so cute... He was talking to her earlier about something. It was all whispers, but he said she could hear him just fine. So, so sweet. He has always been a rockstar big brother!

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