Monday, April 13, 2015

Alex is 4!!!!

Wow! Alex is 4. I just... Y'all. My wild child "threenager" is finally 4!! It was one awesome weekend filled with tons of fun and some pretty awesome friends!

Friday: Wii would like to play! Yep, they are all about Super Mario Brothers. And, as long as we have good behavior, then it's on! Alex even has his very own remote now (we just had 3 before...but the boys wanted everyone to play together...which is so hard if you have this game. OH. My. Gosh.) 


Saturday: Alex wanted to hike the Gardens

After an awesome adventure at the Botanical Gardens, we stopped by the ice cream shop. Alex, of course, chose "Birthday Cake" for his cone! So, so cute!

Sunday: Mass, then 2 birthday parties!

After Mass, Alex chose where we would have lunch - 5 Guys! He loves the place where you can get a hot dog and have all the peanuts. Haha! He is so funny! Afterwards, we hung around the mall until it was time to head over to Austin's friend's birthday! They all had a blast! Then after some partying, we had to leave to head over to Alex & Hart's Birthday! 

First, I know I've said this to her a million times in the past 24 hours (or more), but... A thousand more "thank yous" to my awesome friend, Ashley! Her little boy and my Alex have the same exact birthday, just a year difference! And, since we all share pretty much the same friends, and our house is still on the market (more on that later), she suggested we do a joint-party. Love her! I had no idea where we were going to be and how we would pull off a party with the madness going on. So, thank you, my dear!!

Now for the party pics!!

The best friends & the birthday boys!

That's right. There was a FIRE TRUCK!!

Alex loved exploring the truck and all the gadgets inside

He got a chance to "drive" the truck, too!

Austin was fine with it, but was still in the "I just woke up from a 10 minute nap...hang on" mode.

Another one of mine that "drove" the truck

Andrew was impressed that the fire truck's tire was only a tiny bit taller than he is!
...and then my phone died. LOL How's that for a #momfail -ugh! Ashley and her mom took a ton of pic, so I'll grab some from them soon!

Of course all that partying hit them hard as we piled in the car and headed home. Alex decided that his ears hurt because everyone was too he cried, poor guy. Austin was mad that even though he had tons of fun... three power naps just didn't cut it. So he threw his binky and his Baby Fox in a wild rage and screamed home. Andrew he was annoyed with everyone being loud that he made some weird sounds that belongs more in a jungle setting than a minivan. But, hey, it was a long day. So, ok.

But it didn't matter that Alex was tired. After he was all showered and ready for bed, he needed to rip open those presents! He did wait quite a bit, too. One of them was even given to him Tuesday of last week, but he said he was not going to open it until his birthday. Wow. He was serious about that!

Monday: Happy 4th, sweetie!

I let him pick whatever he wanted for lunch and we have just been playing all day. He did get some mail though! Thanks, Ma & Dave. Those cards are always fun!

Lots of laughs! "What?!"

"It's a Packer player!"

"I played football with that Packer guy, Austin!"

Oh, dear. Yes, you are famous today. But, with the way he plays wouldn't surprise me one bit if he didn't end up playing on some team. He is already asking when he can play with big kids. We will discuss that in another 2 years... Maybe.

For now, happy 4th birthday my sweet Alex! You don't know how much happiness you brought to me when you were born. We love you so very much!!

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