Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Boys' First Home

Back in February, when we listed our house on our own, I had the photos done by our family photographer. While I had her at the house, I asked if she would grab a few of the boys in front of the house. It is their home, after all. And, while Jason and I are ready to move on to the next house, we have heard them say that they will miss "our little house."

This is the house that became our home when we got married.

This is the home where we became the forever family to our sweet mini-schnauzer, Max (and, where we also had to say goodbye...).

This is the home where we became parents for the first time.

This is the home that once was quiet that quickly became louder.

This is the home that grew louder because of all the laughter and squeals of three silly boys who are growing up as brothers.

This is the home where those brothers grew over the past few years into best friends.

This is the home where is all started.

Their "signature" faces...

Austin just wouldn't let go of the Batman remote

Their idea. They have always loved "the little tree that could."

Now, it's April. These boys are about to find out who their new sibling will be later this week. These brothers are so excited about finding out who this little person is that keeps kicking mommy. And, they are also wondering when it's finally time to call that moving truck. Well, tomorrow we will have a new sign in the yard with an agent's name. We are so ready to let someone else turn our house into their home. We can't wait to start making new memories in the new house. And, I know y'all can't wait to see it either. And, I promise! As soon as we have sold this house, those new house pictures shall be shared - especially the ones of my new kitchen! So, we ask once again for prayers that our buyer is headed our way very soon. For now, we will just keep making more memories here and keep sharing as we go. 

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