Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter from Our House to Yours!

Fabulous graphic from Catholic All Year
Happy Easter, y'all!! We hope you had a wonderful start to the Easter Season!! That's right....start. It isn't over, people! Easter has only just begun. So, let's get this party started!

Oh, and it started quite early, but it was well worth it. Our alarm went off at - gasp! - 5:30 am. I know, I know. What in the world?! We had a wonderful breakfast and happy smiling faces all day. It was great! We headed off to the 7am Mass. We arrived a few moments late according to the start time of the Mass...not late in when it actually started, though! And, there were parking the main lot. And, there were PLENTY of seats left. I tell decision ever to go to this Mass for this very important day in our Church (of, course, we celebrate Jesus' death and resurrection at every Mass...but, ahem...). Anyway, it was a wonderful start to this day. 

After Mass Easter photo!
Once we were home, I had Jason get the boys out of the car while I set out the Easter baskets. Now, I may have said this before, but we don't actually say much about the "Easter Bunny" around here. I never understood what the heck a rabbit had to do with Jesus, but whatever. Now, the colored eggs...that, I can explain (if you are curious, ask!). Anyway, enough chit-chat...where are the photos?

Working hard on his new Where's Waldo book

Deviled Eggs in my grandmother's egg plate!

Yummy Herb Yeast Rolls on a perfect plate from Denise

Mama Update: 19 weeks and 1 day in this photo taken by my sweet Alex (3). Baby FINALLY started kicking for me this past week - yay! We will find out who this little person is going to be named on April 16th. Guesses? Boy or girl?? What name do you think we picked out? And, if you are one of the special ones that guessing!! 

Blessed in our mess!! Another photo taken by Alex :) 

Really loves his carrot cake

I think you have something on your face....

Funny story... So, when they got their Easter goodies, they were each given a Pez Dispenser. Because, you know...what's Easter without Pez? Kidding. Alex later asks me, "Hey, you wanna pig, mama?" I was cracking up for a while with that one! A pig?! It's a PEZ, man!! 

Post-nap runaround

Post-nap runaround

Out of ALL the egg-hunting photos I took...this one above was the only one that was not blurred with excitement! Oh, well, at least they had fun and I got the "after" photo. 

As the day came to an end, the boys watched some Bugs Bunny...

I know.... Thanks for the laughs, Father Jaya!!
Around 730, the boys ALL asked in their own ways (some with words...others with their actions) if they could go to bed. Ha! Silly boys. Once they were all tucked in with lots of hugs and kisses, I got started on my newest read:

Thanks Father Muller! Get a copy here! It is really good :)
 We hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday!!

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