Monday, November 8, 2010

Holiday Shopping

Courtesy of Bing Images

It is that time again (unless you planned ahead and you already started - stinkers!) for Christmas shopping! How about doing all the shopping at home? How about getting some money back? Yeah...

Well, you can. Just sign up for ebates and you will get a bit of a bonus before starting. You haven't heard of ebates yet? It's ok. The House forgives you. Ebates is great for all of your online shopping. Once you are all signed up, search for the store of your choice and then click on "shop!" A new window will open and a tracking ticket for that store will be saved. Any purchase made will earn you a percentage back. It's just like filling out those mail-in rebates, but saves you a few steps and time. Try it out and see how you like it! Click below!


  1. ebates ROCK! thnx, Honey! : )

  2. yes yes it does! im already up to 20 bucks back lol

  3. thanks for the info....i'll have to check this out!


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